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For anyone looking for a home in Tennessee, they want access to the best information about properties that are for sale. The realtor who can deliver that service to them has the best chance to win them over as a client. For your business website, the best way to provide that service is by adding Realtracs IDX listings.

This IDX tool can be easily integrated into your real estate website and add a whole new level to the service you can offer to your potential leads. It allows your site visitors to interact with the tool, allowing them to customize their search for their ideal home. It is intuitive and easy to use. Visitors will enjoy exploring all the possibilities of homes on the market as they tweak their criteria of their dream home. What they will get is a list of properties on the current market that fit their parameters. This gives you a great opportunity to reach out to your leads and extend your real estate services. If they are interested in viewing any of the properties in person, you can sign them up as a new client.

Realtracs IDX

The IDX tool brings leads to you when a potential buyer does an initial search online for properties in the Tennessee region. The tool is optimized so your website will be ranked highly in search engines. The tool engages the visitor to fine-tune their search with an integrated map. Listings have detailed descriptions along with beautiful, high resolution photographs so your visitor can get a really good look at each property. The tool gets updated with new listings everyday, so your visitor will always have the most current market information. When they request a tour of select properties, you know they are serious about buying.

Realtracs IDX helps generate high-quality leads that hav the best possibility to be converted to clients. It is an essential tool in growing your real estate business.